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2 by 2 Jan. '11

           As you can imagine, my life changed about two years ago. On August 1st Cooper and Amelia turned two! Actually things began to change earlier in 2010, when at my Dr. appointment in January, I found out that I was expecting twins. I hope to never forget that day. Actually the thought of twins was on my mind since Josh and I started trying for #3. I don't know why, but I just had a "feeling" that I was going to have twins. I didn't tell a soul since it was nothing more than a feeling. Once I found out that I was pregnant, I did joke around about it being twins a lot with my husband and a couple of friends. I asked Josh to come to my first appointment in case there was "something wrong, or it was twins."
            As we went into the doctor's office my husband told the nurse that we were DONE--that this was the last baby. I just rolled my eyes. As we went into the ultrasound room Josh started chanting one-one-one-one. I guess I had talked about it being twins just a little too much. As soon as the doctor put his wand on my belly, I saw the distinct separate sacks with little jelly beans floating in them. I did what I always do in stressful situations--I started laughing. Josh kept saying over and over again, "Are you sure?" To which the Dr. replied, "I can't make something like this up."
           I think I went through every emotion for the next month or so until I came to accept that we were having twins. I never wanted twins. Now I feel so lucky! Good thing God knows what is best for me--and what I would really love.
          I read as much as I could and just knew I would have to go on bed rest. Josh and I had a bed rest plan and everything. Little did I know that when I did go into labor at 37wks3days my Dr. would come into the room and say, "FINALLY!" Labor was long, and the delivery was stressful. We ended up needing an emergency c-section right as my epidural wore off. I was pretty traumatized from the whole event for at least a year afterwards. Now I am just so happy that we are all alive and healthy (it takes me a while to get over stuff sometimes-especially being cut open while I can feel it.)
Three days before I went into labor!
They loved being together, even in the hospital
I was awe struck by this little girl. 
He has been a sweetheart from the start!

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This was a precious moment to me--I had made Amelia mad and she clung onto Cooper, and he glared at me!

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          Watching these two little--very individual beings grow up side by side is one of the funnest things I have ever done!
           Cooper is very laid back--except when he isn't! It takes a lot to get him mad, but when he is, WATCH OUT! He loves to play with toys make people laugh--especially his sister. He takes good care of her. He loves to cuddle and his blanket and pacifier are his favorite things. He is talking more and more each day. He love Bat-bat and Joko (batman and joker) just because his oldest brother does. He mostly loves "Elmo's song"(Elmo.)He can wink. He is a joy to be around!
           Amelia is a talker! She is constantly gabbing about something. She loves her brothers so much, especially Cooper. She is a little Momma and pretty much runs the show. She loves to play pretend with her dollies. She is giving me constant updates on everything--every minute. She is polite and likes to be clean. She is pretty dramatic and can also be the most violent of all my kids. She is my biggest biter and scratcher. She certainly can hold her own. She tends to be shy in new situations and she has her daddy wrapped around her little finger.
           I thank the Lord that I was chosen to be a mother of twins. Not just any twins, but Cooper and Amelia (and Turner and Max too!) Happy Birthday my sweet darling children!!

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  1. What a fun post! It's so amazing to watch our kids grow up, and you've captured some great moments with pictures. What a journey!!


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