Monday, August 13, 2012

I's two!! I's two!!

Not claiming to be a pro-cake decorator, but the kids knew what they were!!

Amelia with Abby!

Cooper with "Elmo's song"

Why on earth is everyone looking at me and singing??

I've got this blowing thing down!

They both really loved opening presents. Here are a couple of new little people sets from Grammy and Grandpa!


The twins loved their birthday and we loved having three out of four grandparents here (missed you Dad!) It was really low key since I was trying to get ready to leave for AZ early the next morning. I am really loving two right now. They are so much fun! I ask, "Who's two?" and Cooper raises his hand and says, "I's two!" Then Amelia raises her hand, and says, "I's two!" It is pretty cute! So much fun!! Thanks Mom for helping me with the cakes!


  1. You did amazing on the cakes! Cooper and Amelia are so cute. I can't believe they're 2 already!!

  2. Happy Birthday! Love the cakes! I can't believe how big they are :( I haven't seen them in way too long! We should skype!!

  3. Happy Birthday! Love the cakes! They are getting so big :( I haven't seen them in forever. We should skype!!

  4. Two where did the time go? They are so cute. Miss you all.


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