Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Germs germs go away!

It is sad when you see your pediatrician more than your husband! Okay that isn't 100% true but, it has been close to a month since everyone was healthy at the same time for more than 24 hours! We have had stomach bugs a couple of times, colds, and now an ear infection and pink eye! It is mostly Turner and Max. I just wanted to get out of town this weekend, but it looks like it won't be happening :( Oh well. Such is life.

The schedule has been working good. Although this morning Max was really upset because he didn't feel good, and I couldn't stop making breakfast to cuddle with him. I felt horrible, but Josh needed to get going so he wouldn't be late for work. It is hard for me to not be at the beck and call of my kids. It is probably good for them though (right?) I think we are going to be good to go to start school next week--if we can get the basement under control.

We have been rearranging and organizing the basement and somehow we had accumulated A LOT of junk! The fact that I haven't moved for the last 7 years has not been a good thing. It feels good to be getting rid of stuff that is just taking up space. I have the pack rat gene and I am constantly fighting it. Right now it looks like a war zone. Half of my family room is filled with things that need to be donated to the local thrift store! I love it! I keep telling Josh that we can make it work in this small house, yet the kids are crowding out my stuff! Just kidding. I love my kids way more than junk.

Rambling post I know--I guess I needed to get some status updates off my chest! Just kidding :)

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  1. Not good! I think our boys have strep (Cooper tested negative yesterday but it was probably caught too soon - now both have a fever and have thrown up) and we have our campsite reserved starting tomorrow! Not fun! You'll just have to pick another weekend to enjoy. :) Good for you for getting rid of stuff. Sounds like a lot of work!


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