Tuesday, August 6, 2013

I really am back, I promise.

It has been CrAzY-cray around here! (Does that make me sound young and hip or just an old lady trying too hard? Not that I care ha ha ha.) I really am back and YES (to those who have asked and those who are curious) I have been continuing to work out M-S in the pool swimming laps and doing water aerobics. I wasn't able to swim everyday while on vacation but I have been back for over a week and I am back in the saddle.

I have so much to write about! Oh so much. Yet, I am first a mom and second--I have a little job too. I am a photographer. Some of you may already know that. I haven't been doing too many jobs since the twins were born but it has been picking up lately. I am LOVING it! So since I have been back I have been working on a lovely wedding I shot early in July. It is done. I have to admit I really enjoyed it--once I made myself stop thinking about all of my insecurities. 

So at the top of this page there is a a new page--Photography by Tiffany. I will post some of my professional stuff on that blog. Take a look around!

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