Monday, August 19, 2013

Men of God

One day, when I was probably in Jr. High, I had a run in with one of my four brothers. He had just torn some ligaments in his ankle and was in a walking cast. I don’t remember what the altercation was about, yet I remember he invited me to, “suck an egg.” Being the bright preteen that I was, I realized that he couldn’t walk very fast, so I quickly retorted, “make me!” Well, this brother had minions, and he told my little sister to go get him an egg out of the refrigerator. We were downstairs in the family room. There was an extra fridge located just a few steps away in the laundry room. She quickly ran to the extra fridge, grabbed an egg, and brought it to my invalid brother. I must have had a short lapse in judgment because I didn’t run at that point.

Although he couldn’t run, he still could use his brute strength. He swiftly grabbed me and pinned me to the couch. He yelled at me to open my mouth. I refused—soon I felt the egg being pressed against my tightly closed mouth. The egg soon gave way to the pressure, and my face was covered with raw egg.
If you know my family, you may be wondering which brother this was. It was #3—Brett.
muscle man

If you live in Prescott, and are a member of my faith, you probably already know. This is the man that was called yesterday to be the leader of the Prescott Stake* of Zion.
Joe cool

So why do I tell this story? Is it because I don’t have faith in my brother’s ability to be a Sake President? Quite the opposite—I love that I got to see this amazing man grow up. He has always been stalwart and amazing. He is a man full of faith and love for the Savior. He is a man that has dedicated his life to having clean hands, ready and willing to serve. He is loving and kind (even if he did have his moments of being a typical big brother.) More often than not though, he was defending me. 
In all his "teen-age awkward" glory

See, God only has real humans to do his work. As close to perfect I see all of my big brothers, they are really regular ‘ol guys doing the best they know how. All of them—ALL of them are AMAZING men! I am sure that there were moments when my parents wondered; maybe they still have those moments. I think we all wonder if our kids are going to turn out okay. We wonder if we are doing all that we can.
My family (cousins included)

I have faith that if we do our best, God will make up the rest. So don’t worry little mommas, even rowdy boys, will probably grow up to be men of God. 
The family minus Rick

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  1. I love this! He is a Man of God and we are so thankful
    for him. Love you for posting this!!!
    Love, Momma Campbell


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