Friday, August 16, 2013

Lift up your heart with gladness

Yesterday's post was really depressing. Did you see how I tried to sneak in a little happiness at the end by saying 3 things I was thankful for? That is usually how I get out of funks like this. When I am done feeling sorry for myself (that can take from hours to months) I start thinking of all the good there is in my life. 

Thing is, God is good. Being an earthy mother, I can see how God really does want to give us everything we want. I want to do the same with my kids! I can also see how getting everything we want won't really get us everything we really want. Like how I want things in my life to be easy, and I want to be a strong person. The two don't go together. God knows this, he loves me, and he know that I really want to be strong more than I want things to be easy. Just like how my kids don't want to do their jobs but then they want to grow up and be contributing members of society (okay, they probably don't want that yet--but they do want to be happy!) 

So today I wrote a list of everything I love about my life. I realized that I have a pretty fantastic life. I have an amazing family, not only my kids, but my family of origin and my in-laws too. I love my garden (although there are a lot of cucumbers calling my name to be pickled right now!) I love my friends, old and new! I love my little red brick house (that I refer to as a cottage sometimes to make me remember that I love little houses.) 

It is a good life. My problems, although really real, are really not big in the grand scheme of things. God is good.

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