Tuesday, April 1, 2014

My (little) man Max

My man Max turned 6 year-old yesterday! 

Max is amazing. He is sweet, he is kind and he is a pretty easy kid. 

Max can keep himself entertained for hours. He is an amazing artist will draw and create forever. He entertains me constantly also with his silly scenarios, what-ifs and endless "I wish"s.
This picture was taken right after his amazing entrance into this world. Most people say that child birth is horrible but I would give birth to this little guy a million times. His birth was empowering, intense, but very wonderful. I used Hypnobirthing techniques and if you are having a baby, my opinion is that it is the way to go! Believe me--I have had an epidural, a non-medicated, and an emergency c-section--non-medicated wins HANDS DOWN!!

Love this squishy face. He still pulls the greatest faces. These next few photos were taken by the talented Heather Waegner of Aya Photography.

Max actually doesn't really like cake. In fact this morning I was packing their lunches and told them I was going to put cake in his lunch and he said, "no thank-you." Seriously?!?!? But here is a collection of him with his cakes over the years. 

Max's birthday this year was so fun. 
He LOVES Ninja turtles and so this was the cake I came up with. (aka found on pinterest and tried to copy it.)
Me and the birthday boy! He is such a cutie and I feel blessed to be his Mommy!
Max requested McDonald's for lunch. I desperately tried to talk him out of it. My pregnant belly didn't think it could handle McD's without vomiting but anything for the birthday boy!(and I survived)
Then we headed to the Treehouse museum for some creative play. 
We LOVE the Treehouse museum in Ogden.

My very handsome 7 year-old!

I convinced the big boys to go the the pre-k story time with us. They both ended up leaving and playing outside the room. I never take the twins to stuff like this and they ATE IT UP! It was so fun! We might need to do it more often. It was so fun!

My little actress! The other day she was dancing around and stopped just long enough to ask for a stage for her birthday. She also is constantly telling me that she needs to practice her ballet. Her initials spell A-C-T!

I started a new tradition on the twins birthday last year to do a birthday interview. Here is Max's! I love having this little snip-it of him frozen in time :)

Max had a wonderful birthday. We had GG, Crapa, and Uncle over along with our dear friends the Larsens. It was fun having more people there, especially more kids--it felt like home!

If you can't tell, I am in love with this kid!!! He makes me so happy! Love you Max xoxoxox

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  1. This is so cute, but it gave me some real anxiety for some reaon. YOUR KIDS ARE GROWING UP SOOOOO FAST! It seems like yesterday that you were just starting, pregnant with Turner. Actually, it doesn't seem that long ago that you and Josh got married! I wish we saw more of each other. Time is flying by!!!


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