Sunday, April 27, 2014

A glorious Easter

We had such a great Easter. Saturday we spent the whole day working in the yard and I have to admit I was so sad as I watched people in the neighborhood come and go to parties. I was deeply homesick and quite sick of our landscaping project. But we did manage to steal a few moments to dye Easter eggs. I wanted something easy and not too messy so we tried the Shaving cream method. It was fun, close to mess free and they looked awesome!

Tell me you don't love these freckles? I adore them!!

All week we had talked about what had happened in the Savior's life in the corresponding day of His last week. Easter morning they were so excited, the two biggest boys came out of their rooms shouting "Today is the day he was resurrected!!" I was so glad that we had focused on the Savior and not the Easter bunny. They were given church clothes, new sun glasses and new flip flops.

We explained that the gifts were symbolic of the best gift ever give--the Savior's atonement and Resurrection. We ate real food and they didn't go to church hyper on sugar. It was perfect!(For us)

I made Amelia's dress and jewelry, and the boy's bow ties. I thought they looked like they stepped right out of the 50's!

After Church we went to Josh's parents for a delicious Easter dinner and an Easter egg hunt for the kids, complete with Easter baskets. They LOVED it! 

It was a great day! Easter is the BEST holiday!

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