Tuesday, April 29, 2014

My amazing grandma

You can't celebrate a 94th birthday without mention! Or at least you shouldn't! My amazing and adorable Grandma turned 94 on Sat. I get the privilege to be my Dad's messenger and deliver his flowers every year. I really get the best job of arranging a flower for each year she has lived. 94 years deserves 94 roses.

My grandma also got to experience her FIRST face time chat. Luckily my aunt has all the fancy gadgets (because we all know I am in the technology dark ages.) And we were able to have my parents there when we gave her, her special gift. 
She shed a couple of tears over the ability to see and talk to my parents at the same time. 

For her birthday, most of my grandma's 100 decedents wrote memories of her or things that they were thankful for from her life. My parents collected them, printed them on cardstock and then we folded them and put them in this adorable jar that said "preserving our memories." I had the privilege to read quite a few of these as I folded them. It deepened my love for her and helped me to see the love that she had for all of her decedents.  

She pulled out the first one, and read it. She read a few more. Her happiness was so full and tears couldn't be restrained. After we ended the face time chat and spent some time with her the tears started coming again. I wish I could remember exactly what she said, but I remember it was something to the effect of, "if everyone would tell each other these memories and things they love instead of waiting to share it when they die, life would be much more worth living." This is said by a woman that has wanted to be gone from this life LONG ago. It was a powerful lesson to me. 

I LOVE this beautiful woman. I am thankful for her love and shining example to me. I am thankful for the love that she shares with all of her posterity. If anyone questions the importance of motherhood--they need to gather with this woman's offspring. She truly has helped to shape the lives of hundreds in a very positive way.


  1. She is a beautiful woman. I am blessed to call her Grandma. So who was the first name pulled? Was it you? Did you fix it so that you would win the gift card ;-)

    1. It was Mark! I kinda was tempted to rig it. I did a test pull and it was me so I buried it deeper. Although the gift card would have been nice, seeing her reaction was the most priceless gift I could ask for.

  2. Oh I wish I had been there when she got that!! I must have left a few minutes too early. I love this woman to the moon!!! She has and will continue to influence my life for good in so many ways. Nice post!


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