Monday, April 14, 2014

O'Keeffe, Conference, Easter Egg Hunt and Beautiful Weather--Oh MY!

            We are having so much fun this month reading The Secret Garden by Frances Hodgson Burnett. When I hosted our co-op last week we cleaned out the garden, planted seeds, hung a bird house, filled a bird feeder and studied Georgia O'Keeffe. It was so much fun. I love our Classic Book Club. 

           Later that day, my parents came from Arizona to visit. We had a lot of fun with them--including hours of watching General Conference. We went to lunch, visited and they put on an Easter Egg hunt for them before they left. I love watching my parents with my kids. I feel so blessed that my children have such amazing role models and people that love them so deeply. My parents were so wonderful while they were here. They were full of praise, hugs, and kisses. I can't wait to see them again soon!

 During conference we built temples with blocks--complete with an Angry Bird Angel Moroni! 

 We sang songs

 Played quietly
 And completed our conference wall! Whenever a general authority would speak we would find his picture and put it on the wall. When they were done, we wrote a one sentence synopsis and put it under the picture. For those who didn't have a picture we just put up the synopsis. Next year I think I might copy the pictures from the middle of the Ensign and they can cut it out and glue it onto the synopsis. 

 We loved having my parents here. We LOVED watching conference. It is always the BEST weekend of the year! As soon as my parents left it seemed to warm up and we had BEAUTIFUL weather last week. On Tuesday night we had a great Enrichment* meeting. It inspired me to get out and enjoy this great state that we live in. So Wednesday we headed for the hills. I love spring and fall hiking but not a huge fan of hiking in the heat of the summer. So I figured we better take advantage of the weather NOW! We went on an easy hike by the Layton Castle. 

 We found a horrible little perch and had school by the side of the path above the creek. It was pretty but not near big enough and we kept dropping stuff off the side of the road. It wasn't the most comfortable place to sit and study.
 My little scholars at work!

 After some school work, we headed to the creek and had a blast splashing around!

This was the CUTEST thing ever. On the way back Turner and Cooper were holding hands. I loved it!

After our hike we all came home and got haircuts and showers! It was a terrific day :)


  1. You are such an amazing Mom. I just LOVE the conference wall, and the hike looks like great fun!!! Kids and the mountains are just meant to be together.

  2. Did you start your classic book club or is it a club in conjunction with your local homeschooling group?

    1. A couple friends and I do a little co-op based on a classic book each month. This month it is secret garden to prepare our kids to have a love for working in the garden this summer :) We have done White Fang, Peter Pan, The Golden Key, Sign of the Beaver, The Best Christmas Pageant Ever--I can't remember the other couple off the top of my head right now! It has been wonderful!


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