Tuesday, June 12, 2012

6 years ago today

Six years ago today I became a mother. I didn't feel old enough (weeks away from turning 28), but I felt prepared. I had been telling people how to parent for years--I thought I knew what this was all about. Then the moment came, the moment I had been waiting my whole life for. After hours of labor and a close c-section scare, they handed me the most battered-bruised-baby there ever was. He was swollen in many different places, he had a huge hemetoma on top of his head, and he was the most beautiful baby any woman had ever held. I had become a mother. I had waited my whole life for that moment. I felt heaven in my room, ushering him into this earthly life. Their precious friend--they were leaving in my hands.

All of the sudden, my degree and years of being a Family Support Specialist, were not enough. I had no idea what I was doing. I thought that nursing would come easy, after he almost went into failure to thrive, I finally got it. He challenged me from day one.   
Turner has taught me so much. He has taken all of my preconceived thoughts on parenting and flipped it upside down. He is such a wonderful person and I feel very lucky to be his mother. He teaches me so much, everyday.  
Turner is the greatest helper you have ever met. So many people, from family to strangers, have commented on what a huge help he is. He is always willing to get me something I need while trying to wrangle the babies. He is sweet and kind to the twins, and is Max's best friend.
Turner loves people and makes friends every time we go to the playground. The other day Max was sad because he didn't make a friend while we were at the park. Turner said to him, "it is easy! You just walk up to someone and say 'Hi, my name is Max. Would you like to be my friend.'" It has always just been that easy for Turner. He doesn't understand when other kids are reluctant to be his friend because he is a little too friendly or young or old etc...
Turner has a passion for stories! He could sit and listen to me read books all day long. He is reading pretty good on his own also. Yet the story is his main objective so sometimes he doesn't have the patience to sit and work on it. Yet he can sit and look at the pictures, and make up a pretty great story on his own.

I love this boy. I love what he teaches me. I feel honored to be his mother. Happy Birthday Turner!! Thank you for making me a mother!

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  1. What a handsome, wonderful son. Isn't motherhood simply to most amazing thing in the world?


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