Friday, June 22, 2012

It takes a village

I have heard/seen a quote that goes something like this: "I homescool because I have SEEN the village, and I don't WANT them raising MY child." As much as I laugh at this, and in some cases, find it great wisdom--I really don't agree. I do want a village raising my child, just a village of my choosing! The first time I remember really feeling an overwhelming gratitude for "the village" was about a year-and-a-half ago. Turner wasn't really happy about going to church. Turner loves people but struggles when he doesn't know what to expect. He had been in a Sunbeams class (3-4 year old Sunday school) the previous year where the couple teaching rotated every other week. He really liked both couples, he just had a really hard time when he was expecting one couple and it was the other one. It really was difficult for him. Because of this, he hated hated HATED going to church. We struggled through it.  He then was put in a class with three teachers, but they all came every week. By this time I would have considered him "a hard kid" at church. Luckily for me, and especially Turner, he loved his new teachers. He really bonded with Sister (Tami) Stephens. He would still get nervous to go to primary, but when he saw Sister Stephens, he would get really excited! She cared a lot about him, and still smiles and says hello when she sees him. Last Sunday she remembered that his birthday was coming up. Tami did something for him that I couldn't do. I will always love her for that.

Last fall a friend of Turner's was signing up for karate (aikido to be exact), and his mom invited me to bring Turner along. I thought it would be good for him and so I took him. I have to admit (and sorry ahead of time, if you ever read this Turner) that I struggled so hard watching him struggle. He wasn't very graceful or coordinated. He struggled with the moves, and he struggled socially. Turner is a very social child but his social energy is a bit untamed. When it came to pairing up, he struggled if someone didn't want to be his partner, or if he couldn't find a partner. He also has a lot of untamed energy. In steps Sensei Mike. Turner's sensei is gentle and kind. Aikido is a very gentle martial art. I don't know if it is Mike's nature or years of mastering this martial art, but he is a very gentle man. He has helped Turner become more graceful, skilled, and less socially awkward. I have faith that through more aikido, and tutoring from Sensei Mike, we will be able to train some of Turner's energy!
I loved this picture because it looks like Turner is glowing!

Turner couldn't remember the words he had to say, so Mike prompted him. I love the gentle way he works with these kids!

Here is Turner with his Yellow belt 2nd degree. We promise that we will get him a gi when he comes back in the fall!

Celebrating frugal style--courtesy cones at Arctic Circle!

Next sport we are trying is soccer--Heaven help us!


  1. This will be a random comment, but I am friends with Megan Shakespear--she was my roommate at college our first year. How do you know her? Well, funny enough I TOO have two boys and then twins (and then another boy after that)! I just saw your comment on her blog and clicked on your profile. Do you know what is even more weird? I think Nicole Robbins is your sister--right? They came to Memphis one summer for a rotation and we were in the same ward. What a great family. Small, small world! Adorable kids!

  2. What a neat village you've cherry picked for Turner. And I'm glad for church because it stretches us in good ways too, albeit hard sometimes. God bless that charitable woman!

  3. When I went to your blog, I saw Nicole's blog "status" on your sidebar. And then when I saw your picture it looked A LOT like a picture I saw recently of Nicole and her! So funny! I have the birth order (of sorts) as you too! I have two boys (about 2 years apart) then twins (again, two years later...just they are girl twins) and then like Megan, I have another boy. My kids are 9-in a few weeks, 7, 5, 5, 3. You're kids are darling! Thanks for the info on how you met Megan and such. So fun...and too funny that I know your sister too!


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