Saturday, June 30, 2012

Birthday scrapbook

Yesterday I shared my feelings on my birthday, today I am going to share the play by play, for documentation sake. As moms, our birthdays are important too! Of course I don't have the same amount of pictures, I was enjoying my day nonetheless!
My red, white,and blue pancakes at Denny's
I spent the morning going to breakfast with my mother-in-law. Afterwards we went birthday shopping! Then we went and had a picnic lunch at a pond near Josh's work. The ducks were aggressive! There is probably a good reason that there wasn't anyone else eating their lunch there. They seriously snatched Cooper's food right out of MY hand as I was trying to get him to take a bite. Afterwards Turner and Max shooed all of the ducks back into the pond and marched patrol along the bank. They kept those ducks in the pond. So cute! After such an amazing morning, we came home and put the little ones down for a nap so we could go to the drive-in! In Josh's family, they have a tradition of the dad bringing home a present for the kids when he gets home from work. Josh decided to bring me home one also! He gave me a rhyming dictionary, and a the Oxford guide to writing. I am thankful for a husband that listens to things I want (rhyming dictionary) and remembers it later down the road. For dinner we went to Famous Dave's BBQ, and then headed over to the "theater" We put our bean bag into the back of my father-in-laws company truck. It was a blast! My mother-in-law brought in a ice cream cake, we ate it while we waited for the sun to set. We saw Brave. It was a cute movie. The only one that fell asleep during the movie was Amelia. I seriously don't know how some mom's put on a movie to get her kids to fall asleep. It wouldn't work for my kids!!

This didn't last long! They were in the truck crawlin' all over everyone in no time!
It was a fantastic day!

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