Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Yellowstone is for families

In case you thought that Josh and I are completely narcissistic, we did take pictures of our whole family also. So here it is--Yellowstone in pictures (family included!)  Can't wait until we can do it again! 
**Warning--way too many pictures--this is a scrapbook type post. If you make it to the end of this, you deserve some type of reward!!**


Uncle Justin Max! Max says: "I don't like that face!"


Bison, bison, and more bison--the theme of the trip. We loved all of the little babies! We even say one right after it was born!

Turner (almost) in hot water!

Paint pots

GiGi lookin' at the view

The bison traffic was horrendous!

It was a snowy weekend! We still managed to have a lot of fun!

Uncle Justin was the hero of the trip--he brought new monster trucks for the big boys.

Grandpa on kid duty!

Josh and Justin with their stylin' backpacks!

The whole lot of us!

Photo shot by Heather! Thanks!

Our little six

Yum, yum--Ice cream tradition!

The water was so clear, you could see every fish!

It was warm enough (kinda) to float the river. Here we are about to head off, hoping we don't have the same fate as Gilligan!

Getting in the boat with style and grace

On the way home--Coopy was so tired he was rubbing his eyes with his feet!

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