Monday, June 4, 2012

Yellowstone is for lovers!

We went to Yellowstone for Memorial Day. We got to go with Josh's family! We shared a cabin with his parent, brother, and his girlfriend. It was so much fun! To spice it up a little bit, we decided to take as many kissing-self-portraits as we could on our trip. A very interesting thing happened, it made the trip so fun! I wish that I could kiss my husband that many times everyday! Really--if you are looking for a way to spice up your relationship, this is it! So **WARNING** This post is full of P.D.A. (public display of affection!) It is always great to keep the magic alive after almost 8 years! (If you count the year of dating.)
Kissing in Idaho Falls on a "get the wiggles out" break!

Kissing in the cabin, in front of the window

Kissing in front of the Elk (He was checking to see if it was a good picture and didn't close he eyes!! but it was the only one of the elk we got so, we will take it!)

Kissing in front of old faithful

Kissing in the Old Faithful Inn

Kissing in front of a heard of bison

Kissing at church--in the A frame in Island Park!

Kissing in the cabin again

Kissing at some hot pots

Kissing in a blanket of steam

Kissing at the paint pots

Kissing at the ranger museum

Kissing at Sheepeater cliffs

Kissing in the phone booth

Kissing in the car

Kissing at the Henry Fork river

Kissing at John Sack's cabin

Kissing in front of the Montana sign :)

Kissing while souvenir shopping

Kissing while waiting for our ice cream

Kissing at fire hole lake

Kissing in front of the car (our reflection in the dirty windows)

Kissing at the Old Faithful museum

Kissing while leaving Yellowstone

Kissing while heading back to Island Park

Kissing in front of the river at night

Kissing after packing up the cabin (Uncle Justin in the background!)

Kissing before getting on the river

Kissing at a rest stop outside of Malad ID

Kissing in front of the vending machine sign--for non-existent vending machines
So that is our trip! If you want to see pictures of the kids, and stuff we saw, come back for the next installment of our trip to Yellowstone!


  1. That was AWESOME. You two are so cute and I think that would be so fun. I just might have to do that sometime also.

  2. LOL I have to say, that is cute! That's definitely one way to keep the magic alive!

  3. Boy, that is a lot of kissing for these missionary eyes!!!

    1. Whatever! Senior couple missionaries should be kissing!!

  4. Ha ha . . . such a fun post!


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