Friday, June 15, 2012

Turner's big day!

We had a great day on Turner's birthday! It started with traditional (Thomson family tradition) of German pancakes. That is the way the Thomson's have been celebrating birthdays for generations--well at least Josh's generation. We have been eating almost every meal out on the patio lately. It seriously saves my sanity most days. I love that I can just hose it off, and not stress about the mess :)
German pancakes are great for birthdays--just don't try to put wax candles in them! Not that I would know from experience or anything...don't look at the brightly colored spots in the pictures below--ummm....they are melted candy?!?!

My big boy turns 6! He looks so grown up!!

Outside is a great place for the twins to learn out to drink out of a cup!

Very intent on something...what I just don't know! Poor girl! I didn't pull her hair out of face!

The easiest birthday cake to date, but probably the most expensive. Good thing the action figures also counted as a present :)

Seriously! How did they get to be so big!

Messy baby! Baths were soon to follow

Gotta get one of the momma!

Love the ghetto sun shades in the background? Oh I mean Turner opening presents!

Working on his surprised face! Love it!

Okay so maybe the face didn't improve as the night went on. He loves his quillow and flashlight from Grammy and Grampy!

Who is this masked man? It is Crapa!! (Ignore the writing that says property of U-HAUL on the blanket)

Again with the hair in the face at meal time. I swear her hair got done that day! My beautiful princess!

Blowing out the candles!

Birthday spankings! And Josh says the kids get their drama from me...

We finished off the evening by watching a batman cartoon!
Birthdays are the best! So grateful for all of my kids!


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